Standard Feature Fraud Detection Functionality

More than a decade ago, Congressional concerns over “diploma mill” fraud in the federal workforce prompted Avue Technologies to develop the first automated tool to assess the educational background of job applicants. Since then, Avue customers have used AccreditCheck® to verify that all job applicants have degrees issued from an accredited college or university, and immediately flags those applicants listing degrees from unrecognized educational institutions so these degrees can be further examined.

image-accreditcheckIt comes packaged as part of Avue’s powerful Recruitment, Retention, and Staffing Module (RRS).

“It’s automatic, it’s fool-proof, and it’s free to Avue customers,” said Linda Rix, Co-CEO of Avue Technologies. “We’re in the business of making the hiring process more efficient and helping HR professionals be more effective. This tool will provide the Federal human resources community and Federal managers the confidence they need to make the right hiring decisions.”

The process is simple and easy for applicants to use. When applicants submit information regarding higher education, they are asked to identify the institution conferring their degrees using a map of the United States and a drop down list of institutions as a starting point. If the institution does not appear on the list, the applicant is asked to submit further information and the application is flagged for closer review.

“It’s simple and risk-free for both the applicant and the hiring manager,” said Rix.

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