Avue Employer Services (Avue ES)

Avue Employer Services (Avue ES) includes job classification, recruitment, and staffing services that cover all of the white and blue collar federal occupations. Coverage includes the full variety of pay plans, Title 5 and Title 38, mixed-series, mixed-grade, career ladder, supervisory, lead, senior level and SES positions, interdisciplinary, research, and trainee positions.

Avue ES provides high-value, high-touch services efficiently priced with deliverables that comply with federal regulations and put high quality candidates within reach. Our signature Concierge Services® are designed to provide the right engagement, at precisely the right time, to support federal classification and hiring. The services and service delivery suites are based on expertise- and service-driven federal HR practitioners adhering to quality and service level standards.

Your agency can purchase through Simplified Acquisition Procedures, with a Simplified Acquisition Threshold under $150,000 (41 USC 134).

For more information on bringing Avue ES to your agency,
call an Avue representative at 253-573-1877.

All Prices Reflect Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) Pricing:

Avue Employer Services (Avue ES)