Cloud First

It seems everyone is talking about the cloud these days. That’s nothing new for Avue. We’ve been cloud-first and a cloud-only platform for more than a decade — since 2001 to be exact.

Human resources, payroll services, workforce management, enterprise management operations — Avue delivers it all through the cloud.

Avue’s federal government clients have received the benefits of increasingly more sophisticated technologies deployed in the Avue platform and infrastructure upgrades that address increases in usage (high levels of concurrent users), more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) oriented technology upgrades (such as SOA and other services), as well as increases in cybersecurity requirements and NIST/FISMA standards.

The Avue cloud alleviates the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation and support by eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer’s own data center.

The distinction between SaaS and other applications delivered over the Internet is that SaaS solutions are developed specifically to leverage Web technologies such as the browser, thereby making them Web-native. The data design and architecture of SaaS applications are specifically built with a multitenant back end, thus enabling multiple customers or users to access a shared platform and application functionality.  This enables the SaaS solution, unlike the client-server or application service provider) to leverage enormous economies of scale in the deployment, management, support through the entire software lifecycle.

Another departure from traditional IT business models is that SaaS providers, instead of adopting the usual software licensing model, generally charge on a subscription basis for access to a service that includes, at a minimum, hosting of the software as well as access to its feature functionality.  In the Federal Government sector the SaaS business model results in funding for the service being classified as “Operations and Maintenance” (O&M) funds rather than “Development, Modernization, and Enhancement” (DME) funding.

Avue delivers information simply, reliably and securely with its cloud platform, as evidenced by its 99.8 percent uptime since 2001.

Yes, others are finally talking about cloud. But Avue has been a rock-solid provider and innovator in the cloud in the 21st Century.

Come see why.