Avue Onboarding, Provisioning, and Asset Tracking

For New Hires and Contractors in Federal Agencies, with Workforce Analytics

Much has been discussed about the new hire “experience” when onboarding into an agency. Whether a current federal employee or a brand new hire, the experience is the sum total of all aspects of the new hire’s “first impression” interaction with the agency, its mission, its workforce, and its delivery of products and services to citizens.

An exemplary new hire experience achieves a certain elegance in the simplicity of welcoming and accepting new hires into the organization. In order to achieve it, the experience must look seamless while merging a multitude of complex and complicated internal administrative and mission critical disciplines. The critical goal is to immediately engage the new employee in productively fulfilling the mission. Doing so means alleviating the new employee’s administrative tasks and activities in favor of focus and engagement in the primary performance elements of their position.

While a seamless new hire-friendly onboarding process fosters employee engagement, it also provides management with a process and tracking system that provides for a highly accurate and compliant method of tracking, monitoring, and reporting on agency assets and workforce analytics.

Avue answers the classic workforce and management questions about employees and contractors:

• Who works for me?
• Is it a blended employee and contractor workforce?
• Where are they?
• What agency assets are deployed to them?
• What funded, authorized, vacant positions do I have?
• What is my vacancy lapse rate?
• How many and what types of contractors work for me?
• Where are they on the organizational chart?
• Who do they report to?
• What are they working on?

The Workforce Management Experience

Avue provides workflow integrated with decision-logic algorithms that provide the ‘soft guardrails of regulatory compliance’ with reality-based business process logic. No cookie-cutter approach here. Concurrent business processes, with different process owners, insures bottlenecks don’t develop without clear visibility as to the process owner accountable. Avue eliminates regimented and unwarranted sequencing of process steps in favor on parallel processing so that everyone can engage as necessary and unlimited concurrent users means everyone gets online when they want.

Combining the elements of a welcoming onboarding process with a detailed and specific provisioning system insures new hires can go to work on day one. And provisioning and onboarding addresses every element of the new hire experience – whether it’s a cell phone, cubicle assignment, parking space, transit pass, background investigation, email address, extra monitors, special requests, or the right block on the organizational chart – it’s all encompassed in a multi-disciplinary support system.

And in case you were wondering, off-boarding is handled the same way – for contractors and employees. Avue’s real-time security with real-time access and asset tracking cannot be beat in this cyber environment.

Avue includes workflow, notifications, and account management functionality for the provisioning and deprovisioning of equipment, network roles, facility management, resources, security intake processing, as well as reporting of all aspects of inventory within the system. The integrated life cycle, applicant work flow, and provisioning system for the agency’s multi-sector workforce includes initiating background pre-screening, fingerprint scheduling – prompting candidates with reminders for appointments, facilitate scheduling for additional assessments such as background/security checks, drug testing, security interviews, and risk mitigation assessments. On-site and off-site staffing includes skill sets in personnel security and adjudication procedures sufficient to interact with agency BI adjudication systems, GSA’s USAccess and OPM’s e-QIP security systems.

Workforce Analytics With Avue

Avue’s Table of Authorizations tracks all employees and contractors as well as authorized and funded positions that are currently vacant. Predicting vacancy lapse rates and providing visibility on the pipeline of new hires and impact on budget are just some of the workforce analytics managers find invaluable in Avue.

Putting both contractors and employees on the organizational chart helps to understand the agency’s position and cost structure as well as report on OMB’s Multi-Sector Workforce requirements. When it comes to addressing who works on what and what skills can be tapped, Avue is the best at workforce analytics. From the fundamental step of tracking employees and contractors to the more nuanced and strategic analytics, Avue combines position and people data with payroll data to provide real-time information at management’s fingertips.

And if you ever wanted to see your succession planning requirements ‘at-a-glance’ – Avue is the only provider that shows you your current retirement threat, skills deficits, and costs in a graphical organizational chart display that refreshes data every 24 hours. Reconciliation, corrections, and personnel movements are simple drag-and-drop functionality. Workflow makes it impossible to lose a transaction or let it lapse in an inbox somewhere.

Every hiring action, onboarding action, and separation are viewable by managers looking at their own organization. Status lookups are available to all involved in each business process or transaction and cycle time and other statistics are automatically tracked, calculated, and reported.

The Future Is Here ….

… and it is everything you hoped it would be. Avue is an HRLoB-certified Shared Service Center that is FedRAMP-authorized and fully compliant with OMB’s Cloud First and Shared First initiatives.