Avue Time & Attendance

The Avue Time & Attendance (ATA) Module is a complete and cost-effective time and attendance solution that helps large enterprises ensure compliance while dramatically reducing costs and generating significant increases in employee productivity. It is the only workforce management solution that can automate 100 percent of pay rules and centralize zero-to-gross pay functionality for even the most complex enterprises.

In addition, it offers the most advanced time and attendance functionality available on the market, with sophisticated features including retroactive adjustments, labor and production metrics, real-time rules processing and, as with all Avue modules, the ability to configure the application to meet customer-specific requirements.

Avue Time & AttendanceIt is the only workforce management solution that can automate 100 percent of pay rules and centralize zero-to-gross pay functionality for even the most complex enterprises.

Avue Time and Attendance includes flexible timesheet options for capturing and calculating salaried and non-salaried employee pay, employee profile management, and employee, team and payroll consoles to quickly approve timesheets and manage exceptions, and labor and productivity costing enabling better decision-making.

ATA maintains an attendance history by employee and provides reports and notifications of violations based on an organization’s settings. It also incorporates an unlimited number of warning periods, thresholds, and attendance groups while and maintaining detailed histories.

ATA also includes complete leave management functionality that enables an organization to manage and track leave requested by employees. It provides out-of-the-box capability to support the leave management process, yet is flexible enough to accommodate any number of variations of leave policies required by an organization. By setting up entitlement policies for employees, leave balances are automatically incremented based on company-specific leave rules. Approved leave is tracked by the system to ensure employees are not available to be scheduled.

ATA is part of the Avue Digital Services® platform which can scale to an unlimited number of concurrent users. It includes sophisticated rules and workflow processing and security.

HRIS Interface – Through the Avue Operating System (AOS), ATA enables integration and seamless data exchange if the organization has existing human resources information system

Payroll Interface – Through the Avue Operating System (AOS), ATA allows for the exchange of time and attendance data with an organization’s payroll software system for payroll calculation.

ATA Highlights for Time and Attendance

Reduces gross payroll costs:
• Reduces overtime expenses
• Improves accuracy of time tracking
• Reduces pay errors and retroactive adjustments
• Decreases overstaffing

Reduces Payroll Management Costs
Automates most payroll administrative tasks
• Automates complex pay rate calculations
• Moves payroll FTEs to more value-added work

Improves Employee and Supervisor Productivity
• Drastically reduces supervisor time spent on administrative tasks
• Increases the time available to do productive work
• Automates frequent business processes such as vacation requests, FMLA forms, etc.
• Reduces labor grievances
• Employees directly access frequently used workplace information and processes through an easy-to-use interface. They can view balances, personal profiles, pay history, and request leaves. Administrative processes are streamlined and valuable manager and supervisor time is focused on workforce performance to increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

Enhance Visibility and Control
• All ATA clients also receive the Avue Command Center™ Online Reporting and Decision Support Module (ACC). Through ACC, ATA clients have a state of the art, 100% web-based solution that provides strategic insight into key workforce performance indicators with at-a-glance dashboards and advanced reporting. ACC delivers immediate value for users with pre-defined role and specific launch pads. Integration with Avue Time and Attendance provides transparency into hours worked, overtime, and labor costs to improve decision-making. Managers can spot and understand attendance and labor cost trends with meaningful visuals.

Improves Decision-Making
• Provides accurate and current labor costing data
• Provides full audit trail of data

ATA Feature Functionality for Time and Attendance

• Track labor with a choice of daily or weekly timesheets
• View and approve employee time with the Supervisor Approval Worksheet
• Manage employee profiles
• Employee, Team and Payroll consoles for quick access to key functionality and information
• Completely automates retroactive adjustments without need for historical edits
• Provides labor costing and reporting of time to the GL for work orders, projects, cost centers, and job codes
• Supports 100 percent rule automation and real-time rule processing
• Provides full audit tracking and reporting
• Edit multiple employee timesheets simultaneously with Mass Edits
• Pre-defined integration with other Avue modules including Workforce Scheduling, and Organizational Optimization through competencies for enhanced optimization.

ATA Highlights for Leave Management

• Eliminates “lost time” by ensuring fair and equitable administration of employee leave across the organization
• Increases operational efficiency
• Eliminates manual tracking of employee leave accrued and used
• Automates leave request and manager approval
• Improve employee satisfaction through online access to leave requests and up-to-the minute accrual and balance information

ATA Feature Functionality for Leave Management

Flexible and automated leave management
Automates process for submitting, processing and approving employee leave requests
• Tracks any type of leave balance including vacation, pre-paid vacation, FMLA, and sick
• Entitlements awarded based on leave rules
• Leave policies can be defined and associated with different groups of employees Automates entitlements
• Ensures employees accrue the correct type and amount of leave and any other kind of accrual
• Accruals are grouped logically into employee entitlement policies

Automates balance management
Track balance information in real-time, including accrued and approved / used leave
• Enforces minimum and maximum balance thresholds
• Supports an unlimited number of leave balances
• View cascading balance as a primary balance is consumed
• Integrates easily with balance information stored in HR or payroll systems