Avue Digital Services

Avue Digital Services are realistic, integrated, and powerful ways to provide key workforce management services faster and more affordably — directly to the desktop of line managers. Organizations facing shrinking HR operations through retiring skills and expertise, still must respond to urgent day-to-day workforce management concerns. With digital service delivery, transactional workforce management responsibilities become seamlessly decentralized, more human, and much more responsive. If you want to reallocate your time to the more strategic issues of workforce planning and optimization, this is how.

Avue Digital Services provide deep domain-specific expertise and engineered content to the user’s desktop. Essential and unique business rules of your organization are leveraged with the computational power and internet reach of a native Web digital delivery system. Effective business process management and transaction processing become operational efficiencies instead of dark holes where all the resources go.

ADS is a turnkey solution fully hosted in Avue’s data centers. All you need is a Web browser. That’s it. Nothing else. No capital investment required. No security risks. No Citrix complications. No content or database development or maintenance. No software maintenance issues. No professional service fees for customization for your occupations, content, or business rules. No per seat or per server charges. No special equipment or software. No cookies. No downloads. Nothing to keep your organization from successfully fulfilling your mission. ADS is fully maintained and continually upgraded for you. Decide you don’t like it, turn it off anytime.

Fast. Efficient. Avue.

Avue Digital Services’ offering fully satisfies each of the objectives identified by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to help streamline the federal hiring process.

Avue customers are able to quickly streamline a number of human capital processes in addition to fulfilling new and emerging government mandates. Unlike virtually all other online recruitment and application sites, Avue Digital Services is technologically designed to scale without bogging down or suffering failure. This scalability is mission-critical, as Avue customers receive hundreds and thousands of applications and interest for each job opportunity. The system’s progressive J2EE architecture allows Avue to support agencies on the same level as other major e-commerce systems — like banking and stock trading — with concurrent needs for high volume capacity and tight security.

ADS is fully hosted by Avue with all job content, qualifications requirements, and applicant assessment criteria supplied by Avue so the customer does not need to build staffing content or information into the database before going live. Since ADS customers need only Internet access and a Web browser, lengthy deployments, capital investments in infrastructure and other barriers to achieving OMB scorecard “quick hits” dissolve.

Avue Digital Services