Platform Benefits

Fast, efficient, experienced and trusted.

Automation of all Human Capital Management Processes and Practices

Avue digitizes 80 percent to 90 percent of all public sector HR business processes, enabling our clients to dramatically improve quality of service while simultaneously reducing cycle times and costs. For recruitment and staffing alone:

• All Avue clients routinely achieve a 10-day cycle time required to staff a Federal position. This dramatic reduction is a result of digitizing these processes and providing context-sensitive content to aid hiring managers and supporting administrative staff.
• Avue’s rules-based engines, in tandem with the automatically generated applicant questionnaire, are able to digitally assess applicants and determine the three to four percent most highly qualified of the pool.

The annual savings generated by our solution generally provide a financial savings of 10-20 times the existing business processes.

• The labor savings provided by Avue effectively increases the servicing ratio (the number of HR professionals required to provide HR services versus the number of employees in the agency). Across the Federal Government, the servicing ratio is 1 HR FTE for every 50 Agency FTE. With Avue, a Subscriber can increase its ratio to 1 HR FTE for every 1,000 to 5,000 Agency FTE.
• The current shortage of HR professionals in the public sector and in the labor market means a “retire-without-rehire” plan is essential for all Federal agencies. Because of the increased servicing ratio Avue provides, our subscribers benefit enormously from the business process reengineering and rules engines embedded in Avue, assuring both increased efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Deployment Speed

Unlike ERP and HRIS systems, Avue is an expert system that combines off-the-shelf database content with software application functionality to produce documents, decision support, completed transactions, advice, reports, and data exchanges from a fully hosted data center environment. New Avue client agencies are activated and using the system literally within hours of contract award.

Fixed Price, ‘All You Can Eat’

Avue has developed a unique fixed-price, annual subscription model providing unlimited use inside the agency — effectively eliminating deployment constraints of legacy software “price-per-seat” licensing models.

• There are no licensing fees, no limits on the number of concurrent users, no transaction charges, and no professional service fees.
• Because the Avue system is fully hosted, IT support costs, capital investments in hardware and software, and expensive system maintenance and upgrades to both the software and IT platform are eliminated.
• Avue complies with all Federal security, COOP planning, and OMB E-Gov Enterprise Architecture requirements.

No Capital Investment

We provide all the hardware, software, content, and support required throughout the subscription period. Because Avue is fully production ready and the IT infrastructure is available at the time of subscription, clients do not have to make any capital investment in IT infrastructure.

Complete Risk Management

Avue manages client risk by ensuring that all services delivered fully meet all regulatory and statutory requirements and exemplify the best practices in these areas. Avue automatically gathers and reports all information required to meet employment and civil rights statutes and regulations.

Because of its capability to ensure non-discriminatory, merit-based, workforce management, Avue is exclusively endorsed by:

• American Federation of Government Employees
• Black Data Processing Associates
• Blacks In Government
• Federal Asian Pacific American Council
• Federally Employed Women
• International Leadership Foundation
• National Image
• Organization of Black Airline Pilots
• Senior Executives Association
• Society of American Indian Government Employees

These organizations also help Avue clients with outreach, targeted recruitment, and a demonstrated commitment to the Merit System Principles and positive, proactive, EEO practices.

Support and Maintenance Sourced to Avue

The Avue service delivery model is unique. Because Avue includes its own IT infrastructure, and packages all associated services to manage and support it in the subscription fee, clients do not need to grapple with ongoing management of the infrastructure, software, or content database. Product updates are made instantly available to all clients so upgrades and trying to fund and implement the next software releases are things of the past.

Highly Experienced Staff

Avue has an extensive workforce of former Federal and state/local HR professionals, each expert in various human capital management and financial management functions, including Federal payroll. Avue’s internal expertise results from a careful and systematic strategy to recruit, hire, and retain experts in every range of human resources from operational service delivery, workforce research and analysis, integration with financial management, to policy formulation. Avue’s seasoned former public sector employees, representing hundreds of years of public sector HR experience, provide our Subscribers with expertise, insight, regulatory guidance, and operations support in all areas, at all levels.

Fully Loaded Occupational Content Database

Only Avue provides an integrated solution specifically built and maintained for the public sector.
• Through our unique solution, Avue provides off-the-shelf, public sector content databases covering 100 percent of the government-wide occupations. In addition, the subscription includes complete content database customization, new bi-weekly content releases, and access to a shared library used by all of our subscribers. No other system comes populated with such data or has a database even roughly comparable to the scope and comprehensive coverage of Avue.
• The Avue database includes work functions, duties, skills/competencies, performance requirements, employee-labor relations, EEO, staffing, recruitment, and a myriad of other public sector HR content.
• All Avue content is correlated for content validity, litigation risk mitigation, and incorporates best practices.
• Avue Subscribers include a variety of agencies with alternative human capital systems, pay banding, market-based pay, and pay for performance.

Security & Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)

Avue security meets the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) standards and has been certified and accredited by its Subscriber agencies.

• Avue security covers Avue data center physical security, operations, networks, database, data access, and personnel.
• For Subscribers, Avue provides role-based security all the way down to the individual user level.
• By operating 100 percent “server side,” Avue has eliminated all software program installation issues, including downloads, “cookies,” the need for web-emulation tools such as Citrix™, or other security and deployment risks.
• Avue data centers also utilize a variety of security measures including biometric scanning, full-time on premise guards, and video surveillance.

All Federal agencies are required to have continuity of operations plans (COOP) in place for all critical systems. To help Subscriber agencies meet this requirement, Avue provides data centers in geographically dispersed locations within the United States.

• Avue’s data centers have backup power generation, redundant incoming telecommunications lines, off-site data storage, nightly backups, and other measures to assure a Subscriber can be up and running within a very short period of time should a data center have a catastrophic occurrence.
• Subscribers can access the data center from anywhere they can reach the Internet, and key components of the software are usable via wireless connection.

In the same manner as described for COOP purposes, Avue also supports telecommuting objectives of agencies. Because access is dependent only on Internet access, subscribers can reach their Avue account from anywhere, globally.

Enterprise-wide Visibility

Avue provides enterprise-wide visibility on the workforce – from a bird’s eye view to a wide angle lens, from 50,000 feet to sea level. Our real-time reporting makes it possible to review key metrics and drill down into the details about employees, locations, reporting relationships, performance metrics, skills/competencies, pay, overtime, and a host of other details and demographics. Avue also refreshes payroll data nightly, and for some agencies, financial data as well. Real-time Avue-generated data can also be used to provide reports and unique features such as real-time organizational charts.