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These are difficult financial times. Agencies and institutions are looking to more cost-efficient solutions to business as usual. It is critical to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) — direct and indirect costs — of technology platforms and labor associated with supporting the organization. What follows is a comprehensive framework for understanding the value of the Avue Platform as the key, all-inclusive management solution for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations. You will see methods for differentiating between the price and the TCO of various alternatives. The Avue Platform provides the best value and opportunities for agencies. Close those value leaks. Free internal capacity and resources. Improve organizational productivity.

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Avue Cost-Benefit Analysis FrameworkDownload our free Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework.

Several components comprise the framework for creating your business case for the Avue Platform. The tables and charts on the following pages illustrate elements of the business case that can be examined to derive the cost savings associated with the Platform. Depending on the modules selected, and the agency’s current or envisioned HR service delivery model, certain cost savings are achieved because of the Platform’s functionality and the ability of the agency to leverage the technology to eliminate process steps, associated labor, and, in some cases, processing in total. Other cost savings are achieved by Avue’s “All-You-Can-Eat” Service Delivery model, all of which is included in the annual fixed-price subscription. This includes:

• on-demand staff augmentation to support agency staff and managers in all functional areas of HR (e.g., classification, staffing, EEO, affirmative employment, civil rights, labor-management relations, employee relations, learning management, training, strategic planning, optimization, time and attendance, payroll, pay administration, performance management, and personnel action processing),
• the system’s continuous innovation model of streaming upgrades and new features and functionality,
• on-demand supply of burstable “ping, power, and pipe” to the Avue Data Centers based on usage and concurrent user rates,
Contracting With Avue• unlimited, on-demand professional services covering project management for deployment (initial deployment and deployment of new features and functions),
• staff augmentation for special projects such as reorganizations, A-76, and multi-sector workforce analysis,
• continuous monitoring of cyber-security requirements (NIST and FISMA) and addressing POAMs and other enhancements and upgrades to meet new security threats and standards,
• the professional services to develop and continuously monitor and maintain interfaces to third-party systems including payroll, finance, project management, and operations management,
• unlimited, scheduled and on-demand training, including employee town hall meetings, manager and executive briefings, classroom HR training, training using the Avue Platform, webinars, specialized training for Administrative Officers, interagency Avue client sessions and events, and one-on-one, onsite, real-time performance support,
• online information sharing, help, and educational tools via the Avue Wiki, online forums, and Avue’s ShopTalk,
• on-demand concierge services for managers and HR professionals dealing directly with Avue HR Consultants,
• the ability to task any HR activity, such as a job posting or position description development, directly to Avue via the online workflow that interfaces to Avue’s Human Resources Consulting Group for processing and completion,
• continuous enhancement of core rules engines and regulatory safeguards in keeping with the issuance of new statutory, regulatory, and programming requirements as they change and evolve over time, and,
• ongoing and on-demand enhancements to the Avue Federal Occupational Database to reflect new, emerging, and client-unique occupational content supporting classification, staffing, performance management, recruitment, learning management, workforce planning, skills assessment, and all other Avue modules.

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