C-Pro Classification & Position Management

Federal Automated Position
Classification Redefined.

Savvy federal HR professionals know that tight agency budgets mean increased emphasis on strategic job classification and position management. It’s not surprising these same professionals look to Avue because for more than 30 years Avue has been the leading expert in federal job classification and provides the only real automated position classification system for federal agencies.

Until now, agencies could only access Avue’s core classification and position management capabilities by buying the Avue Operating System (AOS) – Avue’s robust base platform that includes a range of adjunct capabilities that can sometimes exceed the needs and budget of some agencies, leaving them no choice but to have line managers and HR staff manually produce job descriptions and associated documents.

Now there is Avue C-PRO, an unbundled version of AOS that enables each agency to choose only the feature functionality it needs.

“C-PRO Core” includes job classification and position management that covers 100% of all federal government-wide work, including white and blue collar. Even at a substantially lower price, C-PRO Core enables the customer to create all positions in all types of pay plans, including pay banding, market-based pay, mixed-series, mixed-grade, career ladder, supervisory, lead, senior level, interdisciplinary, research, and trainee positions. C-PRO Core produces the Position Description and PD Cover Sheet (OF-8). Ad hoc and standard reporting are included in the package.

C-PRO Optional Add-Ons – Purchase of C-PRO Core also enables the customer to purchase additional fully-integrated functionality: