Personnel Action Processing (PAR) and Payroll System Interfaces

The Avue Operating System (AOS) provides the ability to combine data in the agency’s PAR and/or payroll system with position data resident in the Avue system for real-time reporting and visibility on the agency’s workforce.

The combination of Avue data and payroll data provides a blended view of the workforce, linking positions and people and people to organizations. This blended information allows for superior visibility in the present day and permits trend analysis by combining historical data with current workforce demographics. Avue provides the ability to display this data in dashboard form, via the Avue Command Center (Avue’s dashboard functionality), and report it using the Avue online reporting tools for both standard and ad hoc reporting. Avue’s online, real-time, organizational charts are refreshed with each data exchange cycle and the information contained in it is updated based on personnel moves that have occurred. The same data is used for reports and the Avue Command Center (dashboard).