Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity Module (EEO) provides practical guidance to management officials, union representatives, EEO practitioners, investigators, mediators, and employees to handle employee reporting, case intake, routing, workflow, counseling, investigation, adjudication, case management, tracking, and archival of EEO complaint cases at both the formal and informal stages.

The module includes:
Information on EEO complaint issues and coverage of the complaint process.
• Basic provisions for employees.
• Complaint processing procedures and timeframes.
• Alternative dispute resolution processes.
• Determination of complaint coverage and timeliness.
• Best practices in claims management as well as the reports and forms that are required throughout the process.
• Recommendations on next step actions to assist supervisors to deal fairly with an employee who has submitted a complaint, and to create an environment where the employee can be effective and feel comfortable.
• Tools for collateral duty EEO counselors and investigators.
• Digital case processing and management with online forms and links all parties involved.

In addition to complaint tracking and processing the EEO module includes coverage for all program management activities in the EEO program area. These include tools for managing the affirmative action and FEORP programs including:
• Authoring tools for affirmative employment plan and policy statement development.
• Statistical analysis tools for under-representation determinations.
• Adverse impact analysis tools that link to the RRS Module.
• EEOC report generation including the MD-715, No FEAR, and Form 462 Reports.
• Analytic tools to examine trends and determine program priorities.
• Outreach and recruitment event management and team deployment.
• Tools for Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM) and other collateral duty EEO team members.
• Online ad hoc report generation and custom report creation services.
• Complete integration with the RRS Module for applicant flow reporting and trend analysis.

EEO Highlights

• Affirmative Employment Plan and Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Plan analysis, development, plan authoring, and results reporting.
• EEO complaint case processing, reporting, tracking, analysis, and complete archiving.
• Metrics and statistical analysis applied to required reports, such as MD-715 (including applicant flow tracking and reporting through the Avue RRS Module), No FEAR, EEOC Form 462, internal agency metrics, adverse impact analysis, agency-specific complaint settlement or consent decree requirements, etc.
• Online coaching, performance support tools, content lookup, situation analysis, and decision support for all users; with control of individual access to information and functionality.
• Integrated workflow and approval tracking with real-time metrics analysis, reporting, work assignment, workload balancing, and other complaint management activities for program managers.

EEO Module Content Coverage

• Civil rights overview and civil rights as they affect public sector employment issues.
• Affirmative action requirements.
• Workforce diversity issues.
• Preventive measures to help ensure a discrimination-free workplace.
• Management, employee, counselor, mediator, and agency roles, rights, and responsibilities.
• Requirements for federal contractors and recipients of federal grants, services, or other benefits.
• Understanding of discrimination as it affects delivery of service to citizens.
• Knowledge of the legal basis of discrimination claims.
• Understanding and dealing with forms of discrimination.
• Comprehension of sexual harassment issues, prevention and policies.
• Trends in discrimination complaint and litigation activity.
• EEO complaint procedures (complaint processing and timeframes).
• Basic EEO complaint provisions for Federal employees.
• Rights of the responsible official in the EEO complaint process.
• The alternative dispute resolution processes.
• Determination of complaint coverage and timeliness.
• Best practices in managing claims and dealing with all parties involved.
• Actions for supervisors in managing an employee who has submitted a complaint to ensure an environment where complainants can be effective and free of reprisal.
• Suggested EEO critical performance standards for supervisors and managers.
• Suggested activities for managers to demonstrate support of civil rights and promote a discrimination and harassment-free workplace.
• Access and retrieval of content from the Avue-managed content databases.
• Diagnostic tools to assess problems.
• Online guidance including FAQs, organizational policy, union agreements, applicable risk management strategies, problem solving options and approaches, as well as statutory and regulatory references.