Management-Employee Relations

The Management-Employee Relations Module (MER) is a manager-centric module that is designed to assist supervisors and managers in navigating the myriad of workplace rules and requirements as they deal with day-to-day supervisory issues.

• MER provides educational and advisory content in a diverse array of subjects that range from disciplinary matters such as absenteeism to programs designed to enhance the workplace such as telecommuting.
• MER provides online coaching, diagnostic tools, organizational policy lookup, situation analysis, and decision support for all participants involved in directly managing the workforce, including senior executives, supervisors, mid-level managers, staff professionals, program managers and administrative support staff.
• MER provides case management and tracking should a situation progress beyond the initial phases. This includes a variety of tools to handle disciplinary actions including authoring tools to develop letters and other employee notifications, such as written reprimands, suspensions, and other, more formal, actions.

Avue workflow routes cases automatically so that management advisors can assist and track cases as well as prepare for more formal actions. The module contains information pertaining to:

• Compensation administration and benefits.
• Workplace rules.
• Taking disciplinary actions.
• Employee rights and responsibilities.
• Union rights and responsibilities.
• Special programs such as telecommuting and employee development.
• Rewards and recognition.
• Leadership and interpersonal skills.
• Team building and mentoring.
• Alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

This module also offers online guidance including organization policy, union agreements, risk management strategies, and statutory and regulatory references.

MER Highlights

• Integrated workflow, approvals, and tracking with real-time metrics analysis, reporting, work assignment, workload balancing and other case or grievance management activities for program managers.
• Disciplinary case processing, reporting, tracking, analysis and complete archiving that is fully documented and consistent.
• Statistical analysis applied to internal agency metrics and analytics to identify trends and analyze subject matter to determine training needs.
• Online coaching, diagnostic tools, organizational policy lookup, situation analysis, and decision support for all users; with individual access controlled as to the information displayed and functionality available.
• Individual “views” provided to each user based on their role in the process – establishing specific user permissions that can be uniquely assigned for individuals.

MER Module Content Coverage

• The full array of disciplinary types of actions with priority on the agency’s top 10 conduct related issues.
• An electronic Douglas Factors assessment and analysis.
• Management, union, and employee rights and responsibilities, including dealing effectively with grievances and other union issues.
• Time and attendance, leave issues including AWOL, and absenteeism.
• Use and misuse of government property.
• Rewards and recognition.
• Benefits and entitlements.
• Uses for alternate dispute resolution and mediation.
• Mentoring and leadership effectiveness skills.
• Telecommuting and distance management.
• Team development.
• Communicating in difficult situations and effective interpersonal skills.

MER Feature Functionality

• Diagnostic tools to assess problems and online guidance regarding next steps.
• Online guidance including organizational policy, union agreements, applicable risk management strategies, problem solving options and approaches, and statutory and regulatory references.
• Case tracking, management, and archival.
• Automatic updates for all participants regarding the status of cases.
• Online guidance promoting a quality workplace.
• Manager self-assessment tools.
• Online support and tools for staff professionals.
• Case process maps with indicators for each phase or step in the process.
• Workload and staff resource reports providing feedback to HR, managers and directors about staff workload, metrics, performance factors, resource allocations, trend data, case results, longitudinal outcomes, causes, common factors, and other important information on case processing and management effectiveness.
• Documents appropriate to the subject matter including forms, letters and notifications.
• Electronic user authentication for forms, letters and notifications.
• Complete case archiving including status logs of case activities by date and user.
• Unlimited capability to attach virtually any electronic “document” to a case file (including Word™, WordPerfect™, .pdf, .wav files and other electronic media) which is attached and retrieved in its original format as part of the case file and archive.