Avue is the forerunner in Federal HR AI and RPA hyperautomation, applying advanced technologies, including ethical AI and machine learning (ML), to move from tactical process automation to an integrated strategic solution that crosses technology and functional silos.


Hyperautomation, a critical component to accelerating strategically-focused business transformation, is critical for a genuine HR-at-Scale service model because it supplements human labor, whether employee or contractor, with unlimited capacity of digital labor.

Most importantly, Avue creates higher quality experiences for applicants, employees, managers, and HR. Both AI and RPA are embedded in Avue’s production systems and deployed in use in the Federal government today.

Avue’s expertise in all facets of Federal HR and our ability to model, productize, and operationalize AI and RPA are unparalleled.  Now, federal agencies are discovering what Avue can do and how Avue does it.

Avue RPA mimics human actions, while Avue AI is designed to mimic human thinking and judgment.

RPA is used by Avue clients to automate processes such as data reporting and auditing, sending tentative and final offer letters to job candidates, notification and assignment of tasks to be performed, and onboarding new hires (including automated generation of myriad onboarding forms).

In Avue, AI is utilized for compliance, as well as for content and policy alignment with the regulatory state and agency business rules.

Most important is Avue’s commitment to ethical AI and ensuring continuous adverse impact in federal HR processes.

Avue thrives on challenging convention, and Indigo is a product of Avue’s substantial investment in understanding the problems and the regulatory ecosystem in which the Federal Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR programs must operate.

Indigo is a solution that tackles seemingly intractable problems in Federal HR.

These include hiring cycle time, HR skill decay, wasteful “swivel chair” work, burdensome compliance requirements, inefficient business process “sedimentary” layers, a continuous environment of backlogs, increased contractor dependencies, increased HR costs, adverse impacts on workforce capacity, cumbersome onboarding experiences for new hires, canceled hiring certificates, a continuous treadmill of rework, and a disproportionate share of clerical transactional work.

The model and architecture of Indigo leverage the most current and relevant advances in technology directly on the Federal human resources domain. Implementing even the best technology doesn’t guarantee improved results in HR operations. Only by combining Avue’s deep Federal HR expertise with Indigo’s advanced engineering are the results possible. The goal is simple, create a Federal HR platform that enables HR to scale its operations without a concurrent increase in costs. Here’s the model upon which Indigo is based:

Avue Artificial Intelligence and RPA