Fast, Accurate, Frictionless

Paying your employees has never been easier — or more compliant — when using this Avue solution


Avue Indigo Payroll Service ProcessingIndigo by Avue Payroll Service Processing (PSP) is provided in combination with ADP, one of the largest payroll and tax filing processors in the world, serving about 625,000 clients. Its primary business is providing employer services (payroll processing, tax and benefits administration services). By taking Avue’s AI capabilities and expertise in federal government rules and regulations and combining it with ADP’s state-of-the-art payroll and tax filing services, including ADP’s particularly strong capabilities in UI, mobile devices, and dashboards, the Avue PSP offering for federal government agencies substantially surpasses any prior federal sector offering.

When paired with Indigo Time & Leave (ATL), the Indigo by Avue timekeeping system, leave management system, and scheduling system, your agency can use ATL to calculate gross pay and feed that to Payroll Service Processing where the gross-to-net calculation takes place. ATL is pre-configured with all Federal pay rules and associated hierarchies and orders of precedence and sequencing.

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