The firm-fixed price subscription fees for Indigo by Avue include everything the client needs for activation, deployment, and use throughout the life of the subscription. Avue clients gain substantial additional value because they do not themselves have to provide or separately purchase significant services. 


Embedded in Avue’s subscription fee are all of the following:

  • all upgrades, updates, and maintenance of the platform environment, application software, rules engines, databases, along with the management and administration of the platform and the system’s continuous innovation model of streaming upgrades and new features and functionality;
  • on-demand staff augmentation to support agency staff and managers and for special related HCM consulting projects;
  • unlimited, on-demand professional services covering project management for deployment (both initial deployment and deployment of new features and functions);
  • unlimited, scheduled and on-demand training, including employee town hall meetings, manager and executive briefings, classroom HR training, training using the Indigo by Avue Platform, Webinars, specialized training for Administrative Officers, interagency Avue client sessions and events, and one-on-one, onsite, real-time performance support;
  • on-demand concierge services for managers and HR professionals dealing directly with Avue HR Consultants including the ability to task any HR activity;
  • continuous enhancement of core rules engines and regulatory safeguards in keeping with the issuance of new statutory, regulatory, and programmatic requirements as they change and evolve over time;
  • tactical communications, training and user support services — including Tiers 1, 2, and 3 help desk — during deployment and ongoing, real-time performance support for agency managers and employees;
  • complete SaaS hosting;
  • professional services to develop and continuously monitor and maintain interfaces to third-party systems including payroll, finance, project management, and operations management;
  • ongoing cybersecurity updates and upgrades of Avue’s FedRAMP-authorized platform so that it remains fully and strictly compliant with the cybersecurity standards of FISMA and NIST and exceeds Federal and Department of Defense security standards as well as maintaining its FedRAMP and agency authorizations with cybersecurity upgrades through Avue’s proactive program; and
  • continuing assurance of Section 508 compliance.